Appointment Information

Are you a new patient?

Initial Consultation

Please bring a list of your medications, medical records or CDs of heart catheterization, echocardiograms, CT-Scans, MRI, PET Scans, Chest x-rays or any other imaging studies along with your picture ID and insurance card(s).  You will be asked to complete the new patient paper work packet.

Post-operative follow-up

Please call the office immediately once home to schedule your appointment and to go over discharge instructions.  If you have had surgery, you will need to come to the office for a follow-up visit about seven to ten days after your hospital discharge.  You will need to bring a picture ID, your insurance card(s) and any medication changes at this time.  Any sutures will be removed at your office visit.  Another follow-up visit is sometimes necessary.  These are usually scheduled for about one month later.  If it is difficult for you to walk from your car to our office, we have a wheelchair which you may use.  Please call the office in advance to request use of the wheelchair.