Our Practice

Welcome to the Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates of San Antonio

Established in 1982, CARDIOTHORACIC SURGICAL ASSOCIATES has the longest continuous tenure of any cardiovascular surgical practice in Bexar County. Dr. J. Marvin Smith III offers unexcelled care and competency in dealing with cardiac, thoracic, and vascular disease. At CTSA, our primary mission is to produce the best in clinical outcomes while being ever attentive to the personal needs of the patients and their families. We welcome your inquiries.

Our exceptional staff operates as a team working for you. When you call, your medical questions will be answered by certified medical personnel. This ensures your questions are afforded the appropriate attention they deserve.

The practice of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery involves diagnosis and treatment that affect the heart, lungs, aorta, peripheral blood vessels and the GI tract. Dr. Smith is a board certified specialist in this field with years of experience. Our particular areas of expertise include: revascularization surgery for coronary artery disease, surgery for valvular heart disease (repair and replacement), surgery for cardiac arrhythmias, including MAZE procedures and device insertions, surgery for aneurysms and other diseases of the aorta and branch vessels, endovascular surgery and implantation of artificial assist devices. Dr. Smith has extensive surgical experience with benign and malignant diseases of the lung, mediastinum, esophagus and stomach. Minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical techniques for these diseases are used when appropriate.

Dr. Smith has served as the principal investigator of new cardiac devices and treatments of heart disease for major biomedical companies throughout the nation. These research endeavors offer the opportunity to evaluate new devices and techniques not generally available. CTSA is therefore capable of providing innovative techniques in dealing with valvular heart disease. CTSA has the broadest experience in the South Texas area with implantation of stentless valves. These offer distinct advantages over other types of valves in selected patients. This broad experience has provided a proving ground for new valve repair techniques and has improved the results in dealing with various manifestations of valve disease. This continuing involvement with major biotechnology companies insures that the best available therapy is accessible for our patients.